Songs I’m Loving This Month {Vol. 1}

Hey everyone! 🙂 Today I decided that I needed to make a playlist of the songs that have been on repeat in my house this month. Because, honestly, where would we be in this world without some good music? Am I right? Okay. One of my absolute favorites on this playlist is "Your Song" by … Continue reading Songs I’m Loving This Month {Vol. 1}


To the Single Girl

I dare you to take a look at a typical high-school girl’s Instagram page for just five minutes. I dare you to scroll through her “flawless” posts and selfies acting all “cute,” and I also dare you to take a moment to notice something about her page. Is there a recurrent theme? Is there something … Continue reading To the Single Girl

Photography Pieces

Hello from the South, y'all! I hope your week has gone well, and that you're well yourself! In this post I'll be sharing some of my recent photographs. (Not recent recent photographs, since these were taken before we got our five inches of snow, but still, they're halfway recent...) That said, here are the photos:) … Continue reading Photography Pieces

The First Snow

A few days ago we received the first snow of the winter season where I live! The weather forecast only predicted about two inches, but we actually got about six... that's very off but it's totally not a bad thing. Today I'm sharing some of the photos I got during the time when the snow … Continue reading The First Snow